23 Mar 2013




Increasing pollution and rising prices of Organic fuels have forced for alternative fuels. Electricity is one of them. Bicycles, cars and now Battery Rickshaws, are being sold all over the world.

New Arcnana India is one of the pioneers in manufacturing and importing Electric Rickshaws and Electric Tri- cycles in India. Within short span of time company have established its network in states like Haryana, Punjab, Gujrat and Western Uttar Pradesh.
Battery Rickshaw runs on Battery and creates no pollution at all. Even electricity consumption is very low. Cost of running Battery Rickshaw is less than Re. 1/km. It can easily take a load of 300 kgs . Passenger capacity is 4+1 and runs upto 80 km per complete charge.

Battery Operated Rickshaw , Loader, Auto, electric. d